Loneliness is Bad for your Health

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  Loneliness can be emotionally challenging, but it is also causes physiological problems in your body. Research has shown that loneliness lowers the immune system, making it more difficult for the body to fight off illness. It also increases the amount of inflammation in the body, can lead to hardening of the arteries, and can increase blood pressure, putting… Read more »

Lifestyle Tips for Boosting Self-Confidence

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Love yourselves for who you are, in this very moment. Build a positive relationship with your body. “Build a relationship with my body?” you might ask. Yes, build a relationship with your body! We spent our entire lives in our bodies. It’s important to be in touch with how our bodies are feeling and commit time and… Read more »

Self Affirmations and You

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   Self-affirmations are based on a psychological theory that describes how people process information or experiences that are threatening to their self-concept. They were first popularized by Claude Steele in the late 1980s, and state that if individuals focus on values and ideas that are important to them personally, they might be more resilient in difficult times.   I have compiled a list of my… Read more »

Acupuncture and Depression

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Living with Depression The NIH estimates that each year, 6.7% of American adults experience a major depressive disorder. According to a recent study, Acupuncture is as good as counseling at treating depression. Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, which are our body’s natural “feel good” responses, and helps to decrease pain and stress-related side effects. Acupuncture treats… Read more »