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Forget the “Hallmark” aspect of Valentine’s Day, and simply allow yourself to experience and share in the smiles, hearts, and love-i-ness of the day.

The way I see it, Valentine’s Day is a day in which we can join millions of other people and simply celebrate Love. Every day can, and dare I say should, be about Love, but Valentine’s Day is the time of year that we are repeatedly reminded about love. February 14th does not have to include chocolates and flowers and dinners out; there are many lovely things that we can do to express our love and adoration without having an additional expense on Valentine’s Day:


Cook a special dinner for your partner: Do they have a favorite meal? A particular diet? Or is home-cooking itself a novelty in your relationship? Regardless of your answers, having a home-cooked meal prepared just for you will make anyone feel appreciated.

Make their life easier: Is there some mundane task or domestic chore that they need help with? Surprise them with a freshly-cleaned bathroom or mopped kitchen floor. Fold and put away their laundry, or pick up the items on their grocery list. Sometimes, little actions can make a big difference in someone’s day.

Leave them notes: Take a pad of post-its and put sweet notes around the house. Put an “I love you!” on their bathroom mirror, an “XOXO” on their refrigerator, and a big heart on their closet door. For extra fun, hide a few notes in drawers and cabinets and see how long it takes for your partner to discover them.

Skip the cards: Hand-write a letter: If you’re not sure how to start, begin by typing out your letter and then rewriting it on a piece of stationary, card stock, or even a blank sheet of paper. Take some time to express yourself fully:
– Tell them all the things you like and love about them.
– Thank them for their role in your life and all the things they do for you.
– Express the ways they make you feel good about yourself and your relationship with them.
– Maybe include a romantic quote about love (see below for my favorite love quote).

Wash and massage their feet: We spend an enormous amount of time on our feet, and few of us take diligent care of our body’s foundation. You can give them a five-minute foot massage during a movie, or take the time to prepare a warm foot bath, complete with a scrub and massage. Not sure what to do? I’ve given you step-by-step instructions.

Create intimacy: By asking each other these 36 questions.
More than anything, you simply want to convey your love to your partner on this day (and every day!). Greet them with hugs and kisses when you see them after work. Even if you have a fight that morning, let that go for a night and just take this day to be with your love. And if you happen to be single and reading this, keep these pointers in mind for next year, or pick a good friend to be your Valentine. Everyone loves being loved!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

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