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Fruits are excellent companions to outdoor activities in warm weather!

Whether you are lounging at the beach or hiking up a mountain, if you are going to be spending time in the sun, you need to be replenishing your fluids and electrolytes. Many health professionals recommend drinking a beverage containing electrolytes while in the midst of any potentially dehydrating activity to avoid heat exhaustion. It is also beneficial to include foods with a high water content such as watermelon or other melons, grapes, apples, pears, oranges, pineapple, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Bananas are high in potassium, an electrolyte, and is an excellent addition to the bunch. Try to avoid foods and beverages containing caffeine (such as coffee, sodas, and chocolate), as caffeine is a natural diuretic, and may increase the possibility of dehydration; the same is true for alcohol. Remember to drink at least one extra glass of water for every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage you consume, especially on hot summer days. If you or your loved ones experience heat exhaustion, try these tips for a healthy recovery.

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