Acupuncture Near Balboa Park

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Photo credit: Balboa Park is an unparalleled San Diego resource with a special history. The origins of the park predate even California’s statehood when in 1835 a large tract of land was set aside for recreational use. Subsequently, in 1868 1,400 acres of the original parcel were designated as “City Park” northeast of what is… Read more »

Lifestyle Tips for Reducing Stress

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  Breathe Take a deep breath. Do it, right now. Breathe deep in through your nose, down into your abdomen and feel your belly expand as your chest simultaneously rises; then exhale slowly through your mouth. Feel different? Breathing deeply slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and helps deliver oxygen to your body. Conversely,… Read more »

Recipe: Fresh Ginger Mint Tea

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  This recipe is delightfully simple, great for digestion as well as sore throats, and totally yummy! Even better, it makes a lovely iced tea in the summer or a hot tea in the winter. It’s also caffeine-free, so it can be enjoyed any time of day. Ingredients: – 3 freshly-cut slices of fresh ginger… Read more »