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When suffering from Heat Exhaustion, if a person is not fully conscious and coherent, they need immediate medical attention. Do not try to get them to eat or drink. If you are at the beach, talk to a life guard. If there are no medical professionals present, take them to the nearest medical facility.

If they are conscious and able to verbalize how and what they are feeling, take the following steps to cool and rejuvenate their body:

1. Seat them in a cool place, out of the sun, not over asphalt, and preferably in an air­-conditioned environment or in an area with a light breeze.
2. Remove any unnecessary clothing. The more skin that is exposed, the more opportunity their body has for evaporation and cooling.
3. Encourage them to sip cool (not ice­ cold) beverages such as water, juice, coconut water, or electrolyte­-containing drink. No caffeine. No alcohol.
4. If they feel good enough to eat, encourage slow consumption of fresh fruits.
5. Wipe the length of back of their neck with a damp cloth. The evaporation of sweat off of our bodies is an important factor in thermoregulation. If they are suffering from heat exhaustion, they are probably not sweating. Wiping the back of their neck with a damp cloth will cool them as the water evaporates, and the coolness of the cloth will be refreshing.

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