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Christina is great! Her knowledge and health and wellness background give her an advantage over other acupuncturists. She has an incredibly warm bedside manner and is very gentle and thorough.

- Becky A.

I started acupuncture with Christina six months ago and it's been an incredible journey. I was very nervous about the needles but she has such calm, healing hands and made sure I was comfortable for every session. I notice a real difference in my health and vitality!

- L. M.

This was my very first acupuncture experience and it will not be my last!!! Christina Bird is AWESOME!!

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful this experience was for me. Christina is very knowledgeable, thorough and passionate about her craft. She sat down with me for an hour before my treatment and gave me a very detailed questionnaire about my overall health.

Once the treatment began she was very detailed about what she was doing and more than willing to answer any questions or concerns. Her beside manner is very calming and soothing. I was so relaxed to the point that I almost fell asleep. Whatever ailments I went in with I left feeling 100% better.

To anyone who is considering acupuncture I would recommend Christina without hesitation. She is a very beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit to match.

- Patrice M.

I highly recommend Christina Bird Acupuncture for acupuncture treatment. The experience from start to finish is really healing and amazing! The treatment was so relaxing, I lost track of time and really got lost in the moment. Afterwards, I felt alert and relaxed and ready for LIFE!!! I'll definitely be going back to Christina Bird for further treatment.

- Sarah B.

Christina made me feel very relaxed with her demeanor. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say needles make me nervous. I barely felt them entering and once they were in, I felt nothing at all. It was an overall pleasant experience and I slept great last night. I plan to do more treatments with Christina throughout my pregnancy and after. Whether you are an acupuncture fan or a novice, I highly recommend you come visit Christina.

- Patricia I.

Christina Bird is a wonderful acupuncturist. I've had a bad back for some time. I've had shots, surgery, pills and physical therapy and nothing really helped until I went to Christina. She has helped me so much with acupuncture. She is very thorough and professional. She makes you comfortable right away. I would very much recommend her.

- Marcie T.

Christina is awesome! She is very thorough, to get a greater understanding of what your body needs. Her intake process goes into detail about your biological processes, so be prepared to be honest and don't be embarrassed. She was able to pin point (literally!) some serious areas of tightness and in the time I laid there with them in, I was very blissed out with the heat from the table and relaxing music. Afterwards, I noticed a greater awareness of those areas utilized in my day to day life and how I could better be in alignment by just being more conscious of the present moment. It was an Awesome session and I would highly recommend her to any family and friends in need of some holistic healing.

- Rachel S.

I felt comfortable the moment that I walked into her office. Christina is very professional and she is very much a people person. You can tell that she really wants to help you feel your best. When she took a full health history - both emotional and physical - and she asked detailed questions to determine what the best course of treatment for me would be. She spent about an hour just on the health history before treating me. The treatment that I received from Christina was very individualized and she adjusted the placement of the needles after my first visit when I explained what I had felt during the previous week.

After three treatments I can honestly say that I am feeling better, and my energy level is getting better as well. I also like how Christina goes over what is happening in your body when she inserts the ultra thin needles. You can hardly feel them go in! She knows a lot about the human body and is open to questions relating to your body. She is confident in her ability but is very sweet and careful when treating you.

- Karen B

I just had an amazing acupuncture experience with Christina Bird last night. I've tried acupuncture many times in the past and have probably seen at least 4-5 different practitioners, but Christina was easily my favorite based on the following:

-Before the treatment session, Christina spent over an hour talking to me about previous ailments and my overall health, asking many questions that weren't even directly related carpal tunnel (which is what I was there to treat). Many practitioners I've seen in the past don't spend nearly as much time and energy during this initial consultation period, and some skip the process entirely. Christina's dedication to this part of the process really reinforced that she cared about my health and was custom tailoring the treatment process to best serve my needs.

-During the actual treatment, the effects of the needles were almost immediate. Within the first needle or two I could feel my eyes grow heavy as deep relaxation sank in. Her touch is very gentle and comforting, and the entire experience was very relaxing. Afterwards she brings you back out of your trance like state with an invigorating little massage, and I could tell she was genuinely excited that I'd had such a great treatment.

-After the treatment I felt more clear and open, and much less frazzled than I did when I first walked in. I slept much more peacefully that night, and felt more rested when I woke up. I've also been much less stressed out, and the carpal tunnel pain is significantly reduced. I would definitely go back to see her again :)

- Sunny D.

I have to admit, I am more than a bit of a skeptic. Things like acupuncture never seemed like they were worth the effort or money. But Christina proved me wrong. She has helped me with my stress level, my sinuses, and my appetite, while making me feel completely comfortable. Can't wait to get back in there!

- Heather A.

I visited Christina for my first ever acupuncture experience. From the moment I stepped foot into the building, I was at ease. Christina sat with me for quite some time, discussing the various issues I wanted to remedy, and discussed very thoroughly what could be done through acupuncture.

- Courtney C.