Christina Bird L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well- being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

- World Health Organization, 1948

About Me

At Christina Bird Acupuncture, I am here to support you on your healing and self-care journey. The goal of my practice is to nourish your entire being: physically, mentally, and emotionally; and send you back out into the world feeling renewed and refreshed

My undergraduate studies focused on kinesiology; anatomy and physiology; and the prevention, care, assessment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. I learned special tests that allow me to assess injuries and choose proper rehabilitation strategies. Additionally, I spent three and a half years working as a Personal Trainer, during which I learned more about the body and training it for ideal performance. This knowledge allows me to assess specific injuries, but also helps me to understand how healthy bodies move and function.

I opened my acupuncture practice in 2012, and have been practicing at WellSpa305 since early 2013. The soothing sensory experience of my treatment room supports your relaxation through subtle lighting, comfortable ambient temperature, as well as music and white noise to allow you to detach from the outside world. My padded table is delightfully comfortable to lay on for an extended period, and I use a high quality paper to cover the table and face cradle (no crinkly sounds as you move around). I have a supportive bolster for under your knees, and several other bolsters and pillows if we need to prop up a body part.

I begin each session with questions related to your chief complaint, personal ailments, and overall health. During this time, I hold space for my patients to emotionally process. Within the four walls of my treatment room is a safe space for confidential discussion of you, your life, and your body. We then shift from intake and emotional processing to physical touch, where I palpate your areas of discomfort, and then choose where I will insert my acupuncture needles.

I perform light acupressure (massage) on each point before gentle needle insertion, and regularly check in with how you are feeling. Once the needles have been inserted, I turn down the lights and leave you with a buzzer in case you need anything while the needles are in. The first time I treat any patient, I will stay in the room while I write out all my chart notes, in case you have any questions about your first session. After removing the needles, I will massage your good body for 15 minutes, and depending on how your body presents, may work on one particular area or multiple.


After the massage, I will lead you in guided stretching, using both static stretches, as well as physical therapy exercises. This allows a gentle reintegration of you into your body, before heading back out into the world.

I have a high-quality air filter running in my treatment room, and wear a mask the entire time I am in my office. Additionally, after each patient, I wipe down every touched surface with a Covid-approved cleaner, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe in my space.